Real Mosasaur Tooth

Real Mosasaur Tooth

These genuine mosasaur tooth fossils are perfect for your gift shop and go along well with educational resources. Our unique, high-quality packaging provides evolution-free educational information about the fossil.

Our real mosasaur tooth fossils come in individual, high-quality packaging. They are conveniently equipped with a hole for hanging on display. Each one comes with an information card that gives the Biblical Young-Earth history of mosasaurs. Our unique packaging is completely free of evolution and millions of years.

Kids love seeing the size of a mosasaur tooth compared to their own teeth. Although mosasaurs are technically not dinosaurs because they were aquatic creatures, they tend to be popular creatures, well-loved by kids who think of them as “water dinosaurs”.

Teaching Points

Mosasaur fossils are a great springboard for learning about carnivorous creatures.  They are also good for sharing about the 6 days of creation and the global flood. Additionally, they can be used to teach about dragons, like Leviathan.

Each Mosasaur Tooth Package Features:

    • 1.5-2″ long genuine tooth*
    • Information card
    • Giftshop packaging
    • Ready-to-use bar code


Wholesale: $9.00
Recommended Retail: $17.95

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*Please note: due to their real nature, actual fossil colors and sizes will vary.

To learn more about mosasaurs, read this article on our sister website, Creation Clues.


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