About Us

Our goal at Everything Fossil is to equip individuals, teachers, speakers, and museums with fossils and replicas to help reach others with the creation message.

Our Story

We noticed a big problem while visiting creation museums around the country. Gift shop items often had to be “edited” to take out the evolutionary indoctrination. Millions of years and evolutionary references had been crossed out or had stickers over them. What if we could change that? What if quality, gift shop-style fossils came pre-packaged with the correct, evolution-free information? This is why we created Everything Fossil. We would like to partner with your ministry by equipping you with fossils that reinforce what you teach.

What We Do

We provide high-quality, affordable, real fossils and replicas in gift shop-style packaging. This packaging includes descriptions from a young earth creation perspective, free of evolution and millions of years. Our hand-made replicas are beautifully designed and painted to look as realistic as possible. Their durability makes them ideal for children, while their intricacy makes them displayable for collectors of all ages. Because of our experience with real-life digging and preparation of fossils, our real fossils have an extra step of cleaning and stabilization to make them more durable and attractive than other brands. We also offer services to assist with special fossil displays, replication of all types of fossils, and anything else you may need. Our annual family dinosaur digs are one of the highlights of our year as we get to teach young and old alike how to dig, repair, and display their fossil finds.

Our Team

David Mikkelson

Operations Manager

David has always had a passion for fossils. He grew up digging dinosaurs, making fossil replicas, and restoring fossils. David loves sharing and teaching young and old alike about fossils, dinosaurs, and creation science. He oversees all operations at Everything Fossil including product development, production, shipments, and customer relations.

Sara Mikkelson


Sara is passionate about teaching people young and old about rocks, fossils, and the Bible. She has over five years of experience writing articles for the public about creation science. In 2014, Sara received her Associates of Science degree in Geology. She enjoys studying rocks and fossils in the field and has been on many exciting adventures. In 2017 Sara married David and joined the Everything Fossil team.