About Us

Everything Fossil is a company dedicated to supplying quality wholesale fossil resources with a creation science message. Our fossils come from all over the world, and each one has a unique story to tell.  Unlike what you see on other gift-shop fossils, our packaging is exclusively creation science based, telling the truth about these fossils.  We offer genuine, high-quality fossils appropriate for gifts and educational purposes. We also offer a wide range of hand-made fossil replicas to meet each of your needs – gift shop items, speaker visual-aids, and museum displays.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip you with the fossil resources and information you need to reach others with the truth of God’s Word.  As an individuals, our impact is more limited, but joined together with you, the combined impact reaches much farther.  That’s why we want to supply you with all your fossil needs.  Our exquisite fossils and the included information is perfect for every occasion.  Are you a speaker looking to add fossils to your talk or book table? Are you a museum trying to expand your displays or gift shop? Or maybe you’re bewildered parent searching for a gift to give your dinosaur-crazed child? Whatever the need, we have you covered!


David Mikkelson

Founder & Director

David has always had a passion for fossils.  He has been digging up dinosaur bones since he was nine years old.  David loves sharing and teaching others about fossils and creation science.  As a teen, David started making fossil replicas and now enjoys creating realistic, hand crafted fossil replicas.  His passion for excellence spills over into each detail of our products.

Sara Mikkelson

Manager & Researcher

Sara is passionate about teaching people young and old about rocks, fossils, and the Bible.  She has over five years of experience writing articles for the public about creation science. In 2014, Sara received her Associates of Science degree in Geology.  She enjoys studying rocks and fossils in the field and has been on many exciting adventures.  In 2017 Sara married David and joined the Everything Fossil team.

Everything Fossil is a proud member of the International Association for Creation.

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