What We Offer

Do you have a favorite fossil that you like to use for teaching, but worry about it breaking? Want replicas of your favorite specimen to sell in your gift shop? Need a travel-friendly version of your fossil for speaking engagements that is not as fragile or expensive? Our replication service will help in any of these circumstances. If you would like replicas to be made of your specimen, we can help you!

Many people solidify learning best by touching something. If you’re teaching about fossils, dinosaurs, or the global flood, touching a fossil can help people connect better with the lesson. But, letting people touch real, valuable, fragile fossils or artifacts always comes with a lot of risk. Our replication services can help you give your audience or students and more complete learning experience through touch, but not risk your own artifacts.

Molding Process

We use high quality molding materials that capture every detail while leaving the specimen perfectly intact.

Finishing Process

We pride ourselves on the finishing of our replicas. Each one is hand painted to look strikingly like the original. People are often hard-pressed to distinguish the difference between a real fossil and our replicas

Please contact us to get a price quote for your custom project.