Spinosaurus Tooth Necklace

Spinosaurus Tooth Necklace

These necklaces are highly detailed and eye-catching! They are durable enough for kids, yet attractively detailed for adults.  The replica Spinosaurus tooth pendant is made of durable, high-quality plastic and hand painted to look realistic. Our packaging briefly shares the truth about Spinosaurus.

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These Spinosaurus tooth necklaces are highly detailed and eye-catching! People of all ages will enjoy wearing this impressive-looking necklace.   The dinosaur tooth pendant is made of durable, high-quality plastic and hand-painted to look realistic.    Each necklace features an 18″ braided cord fastened with a lobster clasp.  This necklace is durable, yet beautiful.  Our packaging briefly shares information about Spinosaurus without evolution or millions-of-years.

Teaching Points

This Spinosaurus tooth necklace is a great conversation starter about dinosaurs.  You can share about when dinosaurs were created, where meat-eating came from, and how dinosaurs died.   Spinosaurus is a good dinosaur to talk about because the changing portrayals of Spinosaurus are a good reminder that dinosaur depictions are artistic guesses that may later be proved wrong by the evidence.

Each Spinosaurus Tooth Necklace Features:

    • 1.75″ long Spinosaurus tooth replica pendant
    • Tooth is on an 18″ braided cord
    • Lobster clasp and 2″ chain extender
    • Minimal, neutral-colored beading to keep pendant in place
    • Gift-shop-style packaging for easy hanging
    • A brief description of Spinosaurus on the back of the packaging


$6.00 each (minimum order of 5)
Suggested Retail Price – $11.95

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*Please note: because they are hand-made, pendant coloring may vary slightly



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